Bleach is often noted as the cheap cleaner that will sterilize above all else. While bleach is an effective disinfectant, it does have its downsides.

Bleach can be rough on countertops. Even when diluted, bleach can be a strong, abrasive cleaner. For your stone or concrete countertops this can cause the sealant to wear down, causing you the hassle of having to reseal your counter sooner rather than later. And for your laminate countertops, they are tough but over time, bleach can cause discoloration.

Also, while household bleach isn’t toxic, it can be an irritant for your skin, eyes and lungs when cleaning with it. If there are young ones in the house, it can damage their skin if they come in direct contact with it. Keep those bottles out of reach!

With the health trend growing, there are increasingly more options for a safer bleach alternative. Whether it is in your home or office, it is worth it to take the steps to minimize your use of bleach and you, may want to start thinking about that alternative.

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