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Top-Quality Cleaning Services in Central New York

Daigle Cleaning Systems of Syracuse provides high quality, dependable cleaning services for managers of all types of commercial properties in the Syracuse area. We combine many years of experience and commitment to quality with highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment to offer unmatched cleaning services. No matter the size of your cleaning project, Daigle Cleaning Systems will deliver quick and efficient results without compromising the quality we’re famous for.

Service for Residential & Commercial Clients Alike

Daigle Cleaning Systems of Syracuse also provides dependable and high quality cleaning services for residential homes in the Syracuse area. With our highly trained staff and quality tools, we offer unbeatable services. No matter the size of your home, Daigle Cleaning Systems will deliver fast and efficient service in keeping with our high standards.


Badge representing a Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building (GB) with Honors certification from ISSA

Franchise Owner: Rosie Vanlalnghaki

Rosie prides herself on being a hard-working entrepreneur focused on providing her clients with outstanding customer service and experience. Rosie has previous successful franchise ownership and management experience with Market Sushi. She has recently sold her franchise and has selected Daigle Cleaning systems as her next franchise endeavor.

Hard work and determination are what drives Rosie to succeed. She embraces challenges believing that the reward for a job well done comes from the effort she puts into accomplishing the goal.

Teamwork is one of Rosie’s focus areas. She does not celebrate her success alone and relies on her team to be successful.

Rosie Vanlalnghaki

Rosie has recently moved her family into the Utica, Rome, Syracuse area and is eagerly embracing the opportunity of being a Daigle Cleaning Systems Franchise owner. Her goal is to provide a stable and successful future for her four children through building a successful business.

Rosie’s hobbies include cooking, environmental consciousness and helping others through service and action.

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