Cleaning Franchise Make Your Own Schedule

Determine Your Schedule

DCS offers the ability for you to choose your path within our business framework. Whether it is residential or commercial cleaning; floor care, carpet cleaning or a combination, our franchisees have the flexibility to choose their path with our guidance. Commercial cleaning and floor care services occur during the evening and on weekends, while residential cleaning mainly occurs during the day. You can tailor the business to fit your family and personal life.

Cleaning Franchise Hire Your Own Staff

Hire Your Staff

DCS will provide you the framework and business practices to assist you in growing your franchise unit efficiently and quickly. Since this is a people oriented business, you will have the ability to hire and train your own staff. We provide the guidelines and systems for HR practices so you can focus on hiring candidates that have values aligned with the organization’s.

Cleaning Franchise High- Income Potential

Benefit from Multiple Revenue Streams

We allow our franchisees to learn about and choose which revenue generating areas of the cleaning industry that they would like to focus on. We teach which areas provide the most profitability and the best ways to intertwine the different aspects of the business to increase revenue and profitability. Other franchise systems limit you to focus on one area of the cleaning industry (ex. just carpet cleaning, or just a residential maid service), but we encourage diversification. In terms of value, our up-front cost of start-up is comparable to or less than other systems who only allow you to operate in a single revenue stream model.

High Income Potential

With DCS, you will have the opportunity to grow your business exponentially throughout the years within your territory. There is no limit to the size that you can grow your organization, but it all comes down to the amount of effort that
you are willing and able to put into the business.

Our Approach

Daigle Cleaning Systems is different in our approach to business and franchising. We offer quick and massive growth opportunity while allowing you to maintain the work-life balance you desire. We will provide you with everything you need to duplicate our success: marketing, coaching, accounting, business model, along with our years of experience to guide you through the process.

Our Company

VISION: Daigle Cleaning Systems Inc., is a full-service commercial and residential cleaning company that operates nationwide. Our professional, organized approach provides a team environment where our growing workforce can flourish and deliver unmatched results for our clients. We take pride in what we do every day and that pride shows in our clients homes and businesses.

MISSION: Our mission at Daigle Cleaning Systems is to produce and provide a healthy environment through a consistent, systematic and standardized cleaning approach that results in peace of mind for our clients. Franchise Opportunities at Daigle Cleaning Systems Inc.

Our Values

1 Communication     2 Integrity     3 Teamwork

Residential Commercial Cleaning Office Carpets Floors Construction Clean Up

Daigle Cleaning Systems Franchise Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought cleaning for health and hygiene in the workplace to the forefront of the conversation for employers and facility managers nationwide. Now is the opportunity for motivated individuals to step into the cleaning industry and be able to make a difference in our world. Keeping employees safe and healthy is our #1 priority and you can join the mission of Daigle Cleaning Systems.

Why Choose Us

Our DCS Franchise Program offers everything you need to duplicate OUR success in YOUR community. You’ll be provided with everything you need from marketing, coaching, accounting and a solid business model, along with access to our years of residential and commercial cleaning experience.

Cleaning Franchise MarketingMarketing
We provide ongoing marketing through website creation and updates, SEO, Google ads, social media and sales training. You, as the business owner, handle the in-person sales for your location, giving you the opportunity to develop a relationship with the client and work with them to solve their pain points! It also allows you the opportunity to determine pricing (we will help you with this) and upsell additional services on the spot!

Cleaning Franchise CoachingCoaching
Our corporate office has a team dedicated to helping you grow your business. Our years of experience in the industry have given us the ability to provide accurate advice, solutions to business problems and a network for you to interact with as you grow your franchise. We are here to support your goals and help you achieve them!

Cleaning Franchise AccountingAccounting
We have developed a simple system for accounting and bookkeeping to allow you to track your progress and have a real-time snapshot of the financial performance of your franchise. Monthly reporting will show you financial trends and we will teach you what to look for in them so you can continually improve the financial integrity of your franchise. We will coach and train you as to how to best utilize the platform to save you countless hours of data entry.

Cleaning Franchise Business ModelBusiness Model
We want you to work on your business, not in your business. We will provide you with the framework and business practices that make for a solid business model. This will help ensure you are spending your work hours managing employees, selling new business and thinking about ways to expand.

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